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 Kyle Fitzpatrick: American (b. 1980)

Kyle Fitzpatrick
Opera House (2006)
Acrylic, Plaster, Mixed Media :: 96 x 68

about the artist

  • 1980 Born Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • 1999 Began formal studies at The School of the Art Institute on scholarship
  • 2002 Feral Gallery: Milwaukee, WI - Solo exhibition
  • 2006 Entered the University of Wisconsin-Milwsukee
  • 2006 INOVA "Crossing Over"
  • 2007 Dean Jensen Gallery: "Cakes, Berries, an Opera House, a Fat Lady and You Names It" group show with Wafaa Bilal, Gary Komarin, Drew Malcolm.
  • 2008 Dean Jensen Gallery: "Not All Black and White" group show with Kevin Giese, Karen Laudon, JonSchueler, Bradley Warsh

artist's statement

When I was a boy, my grandmother kept a "weather stone." She explained to me, probably with a twinkle in her eye, that the weather stone was magic, that by simply peering through a window at the rock, one could tell what the weather was like.

The rock was tied to a string and hung from a wire stretched between two wooden posts. If the rock was wet, one knew it had rained recently. Similarly, if the stone was bearded with snow, one could conclude that it had snowed. Sometimes I'd look out the window and watch the rock swinging pendulously -- a clear indication that the wind was brisk. I was four or five. My grandmother's humor in stringing up the weather stone was lost on me. I saw the stone as magic, an amulet with mystical properties.

When I played with the stone, it became inseparable from me. Sometimes I untied it, and, with a running start, pitched it as high toward the sky as I could. The trajectories of the weather stone traced firmaments of heavenly bodies in my mind. My play likely represented my earliest struggles against matter and gravity.

- Kyle Fitzpatrick

Influenced by such artists Jean Fautrier and Anselm Kiefer, Fitzpatrick frequently employs such non-traditional materials in his paintings and drawings as plaster, twigs, rags, soot and soil.

selected solo exhibitions

  • 2007 Silver Points Alcove Gallery; New York, NY
  • 2006 Clear Blue Sky Richard F. Brush Gallery, St. Lawrence University; Canton, NY
  • 2005 Backyard Promonitions James Watrous Gallery, Overture Center; Madison, WI
  • 2004 Minor Disasters DeRicci Gallery; Madison, WI
  • 2001 Paper Work Class of 1925 Gallery, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Madison, WI
  • 2000 Scott Espeseth: Prints 7th Floor Gallery, University of Wisconsin0-Madison; Madison, WI

price range:

$650 - $5,000