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Current Exhibition

Claire Stigliani: Making Fictions

exhibition information

Exhibition Dates: 18 January - 2 March 2013
Artist Reception: 6 to 9 p.m., Friday, 18 January, a Gallery Night

Artist Statement: This work indulges in the gratuitous pleasures of youth, beauty, sex, pop culture, fairytales and art. Instead of criticizing these diversions, the artist, a ubiquitous presence throughout the series, plays with them. In fact, the artist immerses herself in these illusions by projecting scenes, building sets, watching television, reading and remembering. The artist's active participation in creating these scenes converts them into expressions of her own imagination where she is not limited to a time or place.

The series was created with watercolor, thin acrylic wash, ink, graphite, flocking, gold leaf and archival newsprint. Images were drawn and painted from magazines, newspapers, photographs, Victorian postcards, posters and YouTube clips. The images were appropriated by the artist's imaginary world.

These paintings were born from playful impulses. They are expressions of love, fandom, fear, admiration, romanticism and the modern consciousness. The series tells of accepting modern culture, not as it appears on the screen or the page, but imbued with imagination.

Claire Stigliani's work demonstrates a trust in her artistic impulses and interests. Any idea — no matter how vain, silly, or dark — is considered. Stigliani externalizes her internal thoughts in hopes that they connect with others. But, above all, she challenges her viewers to join the game. The paintings invite the viewers to play with their own interests and obsessions.