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A Painter, Photographer & Printmaker

A Painter, Photographer & Printmaker
Luis Galvez - Flowerhead Dane Haman - Cole Haman Tyanna J. Buie - Good Student
Luis Galvez - Cut Tooth (2011) Luis Galvez - Cecil (2011) Dane Haman - Cactus (2011)
Dane Haman - Deer (2011) Tyanna J. Buie - Fragmented (2011) Tyanna J. Buie - Nostalgia (2011)

exhibition information

Redo Artists Reception: 6 to 9 p.m., Friday, 16 March, a Gallery Night
Works by: Luis Galvez, Dane Haman & Tyanna J. Buie

A trio of Milwaukee-based artists -- each of them twenty-somethings and each largely unknown to Milwaukee's art community -- emerge a bit farther out of the shadows with this exhibition.  Buie, a printmaker who recently received a master of fine arts degree from the University of Wisconsin, will be presenting a poignant narrative of her early girlhood when she was shuttled from one foster home to another.  Galvez's paintings-- sometimes chilling, sometimes humorous, and sometimes both at once-- radiate a magic realism that may be close in tone to that misting from Gabriel Garcia Marquez's novels.  Haman's primary subject is the day to dayness of Wisconsin, but his photographs reveal the culture here with a vision that is frequently idiosyncratic and always fresh.