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ARTFORUM: Critics' Pick, reviewed by Lori Waxman

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "Top Pick" of Fall Gallery Night 2007

Susceptible To Images: Review by Debra Brehmer

Dates and Reception:

Opening Reception: Friday, October 19 from 6-9pm, a Gallery Night

Show runs from October 19 - December 1, 2007

A Statement by the Artist:

I have long created conceptually driven works that crossed artistic disciplines: sculpture, photography, drawing, video, multimedia and interactive installations. However disparate these genres seem to be, there exists a common focus within my work; studying the culture of human perception.

The element of time and history plays a crucial role in the creation of my work. The collection and repetition of memory over time builds tradition and in turn history. As the saying "learn from the past" suggests, history validates human responses to present conditions.

In a continually changing society where culture and history are constantly reviewed, merged and modified through human experiences and responses, I aim to slow down the process in order to closely explore this paradigm. While the work originates from encounters and observations within my immediate and/or personal environment, the inherent conceptual exercise subtly presents to the audience the broader implications of being human.

Jason S. Yi © 2006
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